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    Terimakasih Telah Berkunjung

    Daddy's Day

    here's just a chain of some poor sentences
    written to utter a ton of thanks for someone,
    Thanks for accompanying my mother 19 years ago
    when she gave birth a baby,
    Thanks for your adzan in his ear,
    Thanks for caring a really troublesome baby 

    (when the baby turned into a boy) 
    Thanks for helping my mother
    educating, encouraging, and building the boy's attitude,
    Thanks to protect the boy from his naughty friends,
    Thanks for guiding, when your boy did something insane

    (when the boy turned into a teenage boy)
    and far away from home, 
    Thanks for reminding mom to call the boy,
    although the boy couldn't hear your voice
    he faith that you sit back there and hearing their conversation,
    Thanks alot for your big heart that's given to your children
    Thanks for your body that's sacrificed to your family
    Thanks for being a nice and faithful husband for my mom
    Thanks for strength, mind, feeling, learning, caring,
    Just believe in me, you're the idol, the hero, the most inspiration
    of the boy to being the true man
    Respectful and all of admiration on you

    in a half of century of your life

    dedicated to someone named Burhanudin Fadjri
    napetis' glob

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